“Developing better organisations through the practice of OD”

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What Is ODA?

ODA is an association of professionals actively contributing to the development of humane and effective workplaces through a focus on organisational development.

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Who Is ODA For?

Our members and visitors come from all sorts of fields, backgrounds and roles. We have managers, business owners, students, HR & OD people, L&D people, CEO's, community workers..

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Systems Leadership: Creating Positive Organisations

Wednesday, 24th September 2014

‘Systems Leadership’ is primarily concerned with how people come together to achieve a productive purpose. Human survival has always depended upon our ability to form and sustain social organisations, and people have a deep need to be creative and to belong. By creating positive organisations we can fulfil these needs and build a worthwhile society.

Such organisations do not occur by chance; a positive organisation is created by the hard work of leaders and members and influenced by the way the organisation is designed, especially its systems. All this needs to be based on an understanding of sound, general principles of behaviour.

Rod will introduce you to some Systems Leadership principles and use practical examples in explaining this organisation model arising from the work of Macdonald, Burke and Stewart. Understanding and applying this work requires discipline (not dogma) and creativity but leads to significant positive results for organisations. In this session, Rod will lead an exploration of some of these models that have relevancy for structure, culture, teamwork, and the building of productive relationships is based on core, human values.

Guest Presenter – Rod Barnett

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  • Denis McIvor
    I would like to welcome the new Leadership Committee and I wish the incoming President, Graeme Mitchell, the very best wishes for his incumbency. - Vice-President, OD Australia Denis McIvor
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