“Developing better organisations through the practice of OD”

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What Is ODA?

ODA is an association of professionals actively contributing to the development of humane and effective workplaces through a focus on organisational development.

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Who Is ODA For?

Our members and visitors come from all sorts of fields, backgrounds and roles. We have managers, business owners, students, HR & OD people, L&D people, CEO's, community workers..

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What Matters Most? Time out to reflect, revitalise and celebrate 2014!

Wednesday, 26th November 2014

As another busy year rushes to a close, who’s feeling the push and pull of demands? Join our special guest, Vanessa Toy and take time out to reflect and revitalise our individual practice, and that of ODA, so we can take what matters most into 2015.

Drawing on appreciative inquiry techniques, Vanessa will lead us through an exploration of our experiences in 2014 so we can bring into focus what matters most to us and ensure we bring it into the new year ahead – as individuals, and as an ODA community.

Come join us!

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    As another busy year rushes to a close, we are pleased to welcome Vanessa Toy to our November 26 event. Vanessa will draw on appreciative inquiry techniques to help us reflect on ODA through 2014 and explore what we will do in 2015. We look forward to seeing you there. - President, OD Australia Graeme Mitchell
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